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Link PO number to Spool

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I need to link the PO number to spool. We have a custom program for that input is PO number, I need to select the corresponding spool number to create PDF file. I searched the forum and found the following to link the PO number to Spool

Create a text in title and text in customization (PO No: &EKKO-EBELN&) and added the following

program = SAPMM06E

form routine = TEXT_SYMBOL_REPLACE

If I just have text (say PO number" ) and no form or program name defined, then the text is getting printed on the PO prnitout. But when I have PO number: &EKKO-EBELN&' and form and program names as explained above, nothing is printed in spool / printout. I am pretty sure that I am missing some link, not sure what is that and how to fix that. Thanks,

If I am able to show up the PO number in spool, I can link the po number to spool and get the correct spool.



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Check the table CMFK and CMFP. It may give you the PO number based on NAST table value.