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Link formula

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I'm trying to define de the LINK formula in the modeler, but it keeps on showing a warning.

Could you please help me figuring out what's missing?

The warning is: "At least one member for the dimension in the Extra list must be selected"

Share some screens:

Thank you!!

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When linking models, you have to tell the target as well as the destination.

The first two parameters detail part of the target; the target model and target account.  The last parameter points to the POV for the target as well as the destination.

Two models:

SALES - Acct (Sales_Revenue, COGS), Product, Time

FINANCE - Account (Total Sales, Expense accounts), Cost Center

We can link the Sales account in Finance to the SALES model by adding Link formula to the Sales account.


The POV parameter first ask for missing dimensions, in this case Product is missing and I want sales for all products.  The second part is for shared dimensions, in this case only time is shared and I want sales for all time.  The last part is for dimensions in the destination model not in the target model (additional dimensions).  For everyone of these dimensions (just Cost Center in this case) you have to select a base level member or not assigned (#).

Now in the Finance model, Total sales will represent the total product revenue from the sales model for each time period on CC(all).  If you select a base cost center, sales is empty as it is assigned to #.

The "Extra List" is referring to the additional dimensions where each dimension must have a selected base level member to "store" the data on.  Note, if the the destination model does not have any additional dimensions (all are shared with the target model), then there would be no additional dimensions.

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Thanks Kyle.

Here is a link to the documentation help: SAP BusinessObjects Cloud Help - Formulas Available in Modeler

PS: The embedded help is great and it is getting better every release:

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Thank you very much Kyle