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Line items not printed in check printing payment advice

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Hi, this is the first time i am implementing check printing module so need some help.

I have used standard print program RFFOUS_C and sapscript form F110_PRENUM_CHEK

when I create an invoice from FB60 and make payments through F-58, on printing it prints the check properly but no line items are displayed.

Please tell me a step by step procedure on how to print the payment advice,i.e, the line items. Is it already in the standard program or do i need to code it. I am interested in the learning also, if anyone can give me details it would be helpful fr me to implement it easily understanding what I am actually doing...

Any help soon is appreciated .

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Already everything(line items) exists in the program, if you want to add additional fileds to be displayed that are not existing in your program then you need to sub-routines instead of modifying the standard print program.

Now, you say that your line items are not displayed in your output. For check printing there is some configurations and settings to be done by your functional consultant.. I guess some configuration is missing in your case, that lack the display of line items...check with your functional team on this....(they have to set the lines)

Note: For more info on config check FBZP where form config will be done basing on company code.



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thanx a lot, it was acually a config problem.

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