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Line Break in iView/Page/Workset Description

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Hi All,

I need to have line break in iView / Page / Workset description.

I need to show description as below

iView description line1

iView description line 2

I tried using html tags like "\n", <br>,<p> but description treating it as a text and showing

iView description line 1 <br> iView Description line2

There is only one thread I found related to this issue with no proper answer.

Please help!!!



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Answers (2)

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Hi Pradeep,

<br> tag will not work if you will write in description for iview/page/workset/role/folder.

Reason: The description value entered during creation of an object is displayed under decription property or under "Quick Info". This value is displayed in a box which is "input" tag of HTML.

The input tage format:

<input type="" value="" disable="" .. >

So it won't be possible to enter break line in the description for an object.


Rajendra Kielka

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No thoughts?????