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Limitations on adding number of elements in custom Bo

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Hi experts,

When I define my 36th element in custom Bo it does not add and throw limitation error. Client requirement has 50 elements. Is there a limitation here , pls help to resolve.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Shraddha,

As error would be that the memory allocated for the extension fields under specific BO-Node combination have been exceeded.

In custom BO's, each custom node in every tenant and every solution has its own persistency table. Each node has a limit of 15000 bytes of memory.

allocated memory depends on the datatype given for each custom field.

To resolve this you should identify the list of redundant fields/not used which can be deleted. Fields must be deleted in each BO-Node combination listed in the error message.

If the fields are created in the same version or version 1 then you can simply go and delete the fields which are not required/can be avoided. If the fields are created in the previous version then you can create a deletion patch for the same. Check out the Cloud application studio help document-> Deletion Patch

Deletion Patch - SAP Help Portal

Hope this helps you



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Please be aware that (as far as I can tell) deletion patches are only possible for C4C, not Business ByDesign.

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