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LibRfc32 - function fails for BCD coversions.

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We have noticed that the BCD conversion of the Librfc32.dll and librfc32u.dll fails under the following conditions.

- Please write a very small test program for LibRfc32 function RfcConvertCharToBcd

- Use English or German Windows OS

- Conversion of "80.3" gives "0000000080300C"

- Conversion of "81.3" gives "0000000081300C"

- Go to "Start->Control Panel->Regions and Language Settings->Advanced"

- Switch "Language for non-Unicode programs" to "Chinese (Taiwan)" and re-boot

- Run your test program again

- Conversion of "80.3" gives "0000000080300C"

- Conversion of "81.3" gives "000000003F0C"

- This problem occurs with all tested LibRfc32 from 620, 640 up to version 7100.3.133.6005

- Unicode library LibRfc32U fails as well

We are trying to get this to work, all inputs are highly appreciated.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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HI Ryan,

this is the forum for the BusinessObjects Integration Kit for SAP product.

it sounds like you are more looking for answers on librfc.


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