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Good morning,

I created a user-defined table function to pull together customer data used in my organization that contains 20+ left outer many to one joins to pull in various text fields.

This table function is then used as the foundation of a dimension view I call dimCustomer.

I've noticed that when I specify left many to one join instead of just left join, that join gets trimmed if the SQL query based off of the dimension view doesn't require it.
When I pull just customer number, the only table used is KNA1 despite all of these joins.

Recently I made a change to the function to pull in Sales Organization Texts via KNVV and TVKO, however, now the function always performs the join to TVKO despite the many to one syntax.

Am I doing something wrong here?
Do I need to do something else to get this join to be trimmed?

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Ok, please provide some more data here, like the SQL statement(s), the HANA version, the table definitions, etc.
The idea would be to enable us to reproduce your issue to be able to answer your question.

From textual description, all we learn is what is happening and that you don't understand why this is happening.

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