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Leave Approval/Rejection Displaying Problem in MSS

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Hello Experts,

I have one issue related to 2-level approval workflow.

Scenario :

ESS1 -> Employee

MSS2 -> Manager

DEMO1 -> Subordinate 1

DEMO2 -> Subordinate 2.

1.ESS1 raises leave with custom 2-level workflow.

2.MSS2 -> in his task list it is not appearing it is OK.

3.DEMO1 -> in his task list it is appearing is is OK.


1.ESS1 raises another leave with standard workflow.

2.MSS2 -> it is appearing in his task list, but when he opens it, the 2 request is displaying one is standard one and one custom.

The issue is here, I dont want to display that 1st request (Custom workflow req) in Manger's leave request overview.

Manger can see only request generated from standard workflow.

I'm attaching the screen shots for better clarification go though serially by file name.

In the screen shot you will see 2 types of leave

standard workflow is assigned to leave type Jury Duty and

custom workflow is assigned to Leave of absence.

Please help me out.

Thanks & regards,


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Hi Prajyot,

If you suspecting that, two workflow's triggered for the same request, you have to check the configuration at T-code PTARQ --> Customizing --> Service specific setings --> Working time --> Leave request --> Processing process --> Specify Processing Processes for Types of Leave --> Define Absences/Processing Processes.

For leave workflow with mutiple approval, you have to change the status of leave request after each approvals.

In your case for MSS2, multiple requests are displayed, due to the status change. For the leave workflow, when request initiated by employee, system automattically assign this request to the corresponding manger.

If you want to send this work item to another user or manager, ypu have to assign the another person to this leave request. in SDN search with leave status change to understand more about this.

Have you done anything releasted to status change?



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Hi Vijay,

Thanks for reply.

Workflow is working fine.

Status change an all the things I already incorporated in the 2-level workflow and it is working properly i.e not the issue.

Agent determination is also working fine.

But issue is i dont want to show the leave request generated with custom workflow to MSS2 who is manager.

Manger will see only leave request generated with standard workflow.

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Hi Prajyot,

The dats's in the Manager's screen will be fetched from leave tables.

You need to delete the custom workflow leave requests?

Please perform below actions.

1. In table PTREQ_ACTOR get the Actor_ID of the manager based on Manager Pernr.

2. Go to PTREQ_HEADER table and enter the NEXT_PROCESSOR_I as actor id and status as SENT

3. It will show all the documents waiting for manager's approval. Then get the custom leave requests GUID from this table and run the program RPTARQDBDEL to delete the leave document.