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Hi Guys,

I am working ABAP professional, not so far time passed in ABAP experience. I want to move in SAP XI. I have been reading articles on XI stuff from quite long.

Can someone please tell me how can I learn SAP XI online ?

Can I get some server access. I am ready to pay for server access ?

I am dying to move to XI.....

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Hi Tushar,

I thought i will just give u the basic steps involved in doing any scenario in XI.This is very essential for a beginner.

First of all you would need to define your product, software component, business system and configure the technical landscape in the sld.

You then go on to create the objects in the repository, you import your software component here and the begin your design steps. Tou import your RFCs n Idocs if you require any before proceeding.

Then under the name space which you want, you go on to define your data types, message types and message interfaces.

Then you do your message mappings where you specify your source anr target message types and the relation between them, then you do your interface mapping. If you are using a bpm, you deo the integration process.

Once you have this done, you will have to move to the directory, here is wher you define how you use the objects and how you configure them to work as a scenario.

You assign your business syatem to the configuration scenario which you have created, and create the communication channels. Then you go on to configure the receiver determination, interface determination, and the sender and receiver agreements. Once your done you will have make sure you activate your objects. The exact parameters steps depend on what knid of scenario you are implementing.

You can use sxmb moni or the runtime workbench to monitor the entire scenario which you have done.

And for a beginner i feel the best way to learn is to go thru the blogs and presentations in SDN.

This link on SAP help will give you any info that you want on XI,

This thread deals with everything that is needed for a starter on XI,

/message/527697#527697 [original link is broken]



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Hi Tushar,

Check out this link



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Hi Tushar,

Go thru the given links

XI -Starter


SAP XI - Where to Find Information xi - where to find information.pdf

All the information you need in XI :

To understand the architecture of XI, Please go through this link,

You can also go through the url for Elearning : //

Following is the link for 'how to guides', A step by step guide to create scenarios:

XI is all about configuration of Adapters, to learn more please go through this link:

One of the most powerful feature of XI, Business Process Management:

How the messages are delivered through XI:

Once you go through these links and are a bit aware what all XI objects do, you can try a simple "File to File Scenario" which would help you to understand XI objects in a much better manner.

For help on this scenario go through this blog it is in two parts thus I am providing both links below:



XI Cerification

/thread/25311 [original link is broken]

For XI


SAP XI Learning Guide





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Do check out this weblog .... it contains links to various threads which will help you reach an answer