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Learning Material for - SAC Certification ?

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Hello Team, it seems that the old certificates codes for SAC Analytics & Planning are combined into one code-  SAP Certified Associate - Data Analyst - SAP Analytics Cloud - C_SAC.

When I check this link - it gave below 2 links to be completed as reference docs for learnings.




Do we need to finish all of the courses below in the Old learning Journey path at  ?

- SACE11 Exploring SAP Analytics Cloud

-SACS21 Designing Stories in SAP Analytics Cloud

-SACP21 Leveraging SAP Analytics Cloud Functionality for Enterprise Planning

Could you please confirm , which route we need to take b/w above two  ?



Kiran K

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Like any SAP exam the content of the exam changes with new release of the the product. The reference docs are also updated based on the new exam. For SAC specifically the 2 reference links mentioned in the exam resources are correct but in my experience the old exam courses also provide a solid base both in terms of knowledge and exam preparation. Also contents between the courses overlap so its not completely new content in different courses.


Hope this helps !!


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Okay Thank you