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leaf level calculation for weighted average

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I have two measures: "A_PCT" - a percentage value and "B"

The current aggregation function for A_PCT and B is SUM.

How can I achieve, that the following formula is calculated at leaf level (or for each dimension value): A_PCT * B and gets summed up afterwards.

When I write the formula A_PCT*B it is caluclating actually SUM(A_PCT)*SUM(B), which makes no sense because A_PCT is a percentage.


I need that for a weighted average.

I am using WebI 4.0 SP6 btw.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Hans,

did you already tried with hierarchical formulas as mentioned in following thread?

Best regards,


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Thanks, but I am not using hierarchy, I have a relational universe.

just to clarify my problem:

in my table I have projects with a percentage % value and a dollar value.

No I have to show the average percentage value for different dimensions (region, country, etc.) But the average percentage value should be weighted by the dollar value. That must happen at the leaf level (for each project) and must be summed up afterwards.

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It looks like you need to force the calculation context, please check the manual  Using functions, formulas and calculations 

see pp 21 and  ff



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