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lead selection not set after sort in alv

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We have recently upgraded to SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 .....after this i am facing a problem onlead selection dump when we apply sort....

I have a parent child relation in my context node with cardinality for parent node(0.n) and child(1.1) ....

even though i set the lead select for the parent node which is binded to ALV in wddomodify method ....i am facing the dump

Adapter error in &VIEW_ELEMENT_TYPE& "BTN_CHNG_DISP" of view "/SAPCDPT2/PROJECTTRACKER.VIEW_PORTFOLIO": Context binding of property TEXT cannot be resolved: Lead selection not set for context node VIEW_PORTFOLIO.1.PORTFOLIO


Shailaja Ainala.

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Solved myself

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can you Please explain us the solution? got the same problem here.

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For the Sort-Dump i got finlay a solution.

The Reason for the sort-dump is, because when you Sort your ALV-Table the lead selection get lost.

and if you implement, for example an imput fead with a binding of your alv table-field you get a dump.

but i got a solution for this.

1. Go in you view or component controller (where you implementet you alv table binding)

in the proportys area and be shoure to embed the interfacecontroller of your alv table.

2. create a method (i called it ALV_AFTER_FUNCTION) with the Event ON_STD_FUNCTION_AFTE

From the Interfacecontroller.

3. put in this Coding

DATA  l_context_node TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node.
   l_context_node = wd_context->get_child_node( name = wd_this->wdctx_zberufuverf ).
   l_context_node->set_lead_selection_index( index = 1 ).

zberufuverf is my context node

no wenn you so sort you table the method above starts and set the lead selection ...:D

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After Supportpackages

NW 7.0 EHP 2

SAP_BASIS 702 SP-Level 15

this trick above wont work anymore.

Is there a workaround how to set the lead selection manuelly after sort? this is, in my eyes a magor bug.