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LDAP User sync problem

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I have configured LDAP on NetWeaver WebAs ABAP using LDAP transaction. It is working fine and I am able to sync users from Microsoft AD to SAP Database. But the problem is It is also synchronizing the terminated users from the company, which are not useful. We have 2 entries under base entry need to be synced excluding the terminated users. If I use base entry it taking all users instead I want to sync only users under those two DNs. Is there any way to do this?

One more Question is I have synchronized all users later I have mapped some fields. For new users I am getting the mapped field updates but not for the already synced users when I run the sync report. Can I update already synced user fields also or do I need to delete all users and start re-sync again?



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Hi Ajay,

Let me see if I understand you correctly:

1. You're running an LDAPSYNC from AD to ABAP?

The ldap connector works using the "subtree" method by defaul. It scans all OUs under the BaseDN you specified. If you wish to perorm this scan only on two specific DNs, ou=department1,ou=users,dc=ldap,dc=corp and ou=department2,ou=users,dc=ldap,dc=corp and not the whole ou=users,dc=ldap,dc=corp, then you need to create two entries in trans. LDAPMAP.

If you copy your existing entry, it will copy the attribute mappings as well.

This will require you to run the RSLDAPSYNC_USER report for each of the server settings.

2. For a one time update, you can run the RSLDAPSYNC_USER report and choose "ignore timestamp" in the "objects that exist both in directory and database".

This will update the user's info, provided you set the "import" flag for the attributes in the 'synchronization' section for the server (trans. LDAPMAP).

Best regard,