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Hi Experts

Pls do needful

How to configure LDAP in portal .If there is any PDFon configuring LDAP with any one please send.



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The user management component of the Enterprise Portal leverages your existing landscape by using a corporate LDAP directory server as its central user data repository. It accesses any existing data schema by allowing you to map the attributes used in the schema.

In this step, you will connect to your LDAP server as an alternate user data source.

Log on to the Portal as Administrator

1.Navigate to System Administration ® System Configuration ®UMEConfiguration.

2.Choose the Modify Configuration button.

3.In Data Source, use the drop list to select the LDAP system of your landscape.

4.Choose the LDAP Server tab.

5.Enter the following values in the fields as follows

Server Name :Host Name of the Directory Server for example

Port:Port of the LDAP directory server. for example 389

User:Distinguished name (DN) of user that is used to connect (bind) to the LDAP directory server.

cn=Directory Manager

For example: newuser@sap.corp

Password: Password of the user

User Path (Only required if you have a flat hierarchy)

Distinguished name of branch of directory where information about users is stored.


For example: DC=sap, DC=corp

User Group:If you have a flat hierarchy, enter the distinguished name of the branch of your directory where information about the groups of portal users is stored.

If you have groups in a tree hierarchy, enter the distinguished name of the branch of your directory where information about portal users and groups is stored.


6.Choose Save All Changes to save the entire configuration. Otherwise, choose Restore All Changes to undo all data you have entered only on this tab.

7.After changing settings using the configuration tool, you must restart the J2EE Engine.

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Refer this link

And some good SAP notes to have a look at are:

673824 - LDAP Issues for UME.

736471 - UME Configuration of multiple LDAP data sources.

Senthil K.