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Layout Set for Navigation Iview

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I am trying to define a layout set for a km navigation iview with the following requirements:

1. It should have only one column, title (done)

2. It shouldn't have any column title.

3. It shouldn't have any icon (.htm) associated with the


4. The iview shouldn't show the folder name.

I am using a simplelistcollectionrenderer and listresourcerender and is playing with its properties w'out any help.

This is getting urgent and I need some help folks.

Thanks a lot !


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Tridib

I can try to answer a few of your questions:

ad 3)

Go to your resource renderer and remove "rnd:icon" in "Visible Properties".

ad 4)

Go to your collection renderer and set "Breadcrumb Style" to "off". This might solve your question no. 2 as well.

I haven't tested the above, but it should give you some hints on where to go and tamper with the settings.

Kind regards,


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Hi Tridib,

here the tested and complete answers:

1. Set "Display Properties" to only "rnd:displayname(contentLink)"

2. Set "Column Header Coloring" to "Off"

3. By removing "rnd:icon" for "Display Properties" parameter string, there should be now icon display for the resources

4. Set "Breadcrumb Visibility Style" to "invisible" or "invisible root"

Hope this helps,


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Thanks a lot Robert and Martin for solving the issue. I found AppHelpExplorer layout is also a good option and meets most of the requirement.

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