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Language translations for the same text at different places in the form layout

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Hi All,

In my form I have a text which repeats at multiple places in different subforms. I want to translate only some of these to French, Dutch etc . and no yranslations are needed for the rest. But SE63 doesen't give an option of choosing which texts I want to translate and which I dont want. How do I handle this? Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


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Answers (2)

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Hello Shankar,

You can create a Texmodule in Original language "EN" let us say "ABC".Now this texmodule can be translated to different languages as per your requirement i.e. for French,dutch etc.

Here the Source language will be EN and Traget language will be the language in which you want the text to be created.

Now this Textmodule can be binded for different "Texts" Nodes created in the Context tab of SFP txn.


for english :


Text: 'ABC'.

Language: 'EN'.




Here the textmodule is same for all the cases. Only the language parameter is changed.

Now as we have different text nodes for different languages. Bind the respective text nodes at the respective text fields on the design layout of the form.

This we with creation of one text module only you can achieve your requirement by binding dfiferent text nodes for different languages where ever required.



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Hi Shankar,

  Create text modules separately for the text to be translated in French, Dutch etc and through Scripting display the text based on the language...