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Landscape management for S/4HANA extended edition in Cloud ALM

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Hi All,

I am new user to Cloud ALM and have went through various courses , blogs on Landscape management.

There has been quite new updates on scope expansion and SAP is keep adding new features in every quarter.

From Basis standpoint , I would like to clarify below few points-

1) I can see landscape management tile and adding systems manually.

However I am still looking for any specific reference pointers for landscape management on S/4HANA extended cloud edition. what all inputs does it asks, will there be RFC created. any user details to be mainatined.

Can we map Development , Quality , production roles into landscape management along with client details.

will there be any network setting changes required to connect Cloud ALM tenant with S/4HANA extended cloud edition system.

2) how about Transport management using cloud ALM. after landscape import, will it be possible to automate transport management using ALM? can this be handled via ChaRM or manual transport management process for backend S/4HANA system.

3) what other points to be considered from Basis administration on cloud ALM tenant and backend S/4HANA system standpoint for implementation project.

Appreciate any pointers in this regards.

Best Regards,

Rupali K

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Answers (2)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Rupali,

Thank you for your questions.

For #1: The configurations to setup Cloud ALM for SAP S/4HANA can be found in the Setup Managed Services in SAP Cloud ALM for Operations Expert Portal which also has a link to for Set Up Landscape Management

As you have S/4HANA Cloud, Extended Edition, you may also have to coordinate some activities with SAP who is hosting the Extended Edition. You can reach out to your SAP contact from Enterprise Cloud Services.

For #2: Transport Management capability in SAP Cloud ALM is on the Product Roadmap currently for Q3, 2021. However, since this is future-looking statement this could be subject to change. Please refer to the SAP Cloud ALM Product Roadmap for details.

For #3: As this is a very open question, I will provide links that could assist you. For SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation, please see the Expert Portal for Implementation. From Basis side, I would refer you to SAP Cloud ALM Setup and Administration page for all the details.

Hope the above clarifies your questions. Thank you,

Rahim Kassam.

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Hi Rahim,

Appreciate your immediate response and below are my comments-

For #1- after going through links , Setup landscape can be done in 2 ways- Cloud service & On -premise systems

As per understanding S/4HANA cloud extended edition will fall under cloud services via BTP ..Can you pls confirm.

Systems registered via BTP are visible into cloud services for cloud ALM tenant.

Also would like to clarify on Landscape management integration need as Transport management process is manual as of now.

During Project creation process as well , it does not refer to landscape management or backend system. is it mandatory to integrate Cloud ALM with backend S/4HANA system.

Thanks Again,

Rupali Karbhari

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Rupali,

For Transport Management refer to the "Features" functionality under Implementation that was released on 2021-⁠09-⁠22.

And one point of clarification, new features are delivered every 2 weeks in SAP Cloud ALM, not quarterly.

You can view What's New to review the chronological list of features