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Labels end button text invisible in forms

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Hello Techies,

I'm setting up our new Netweaver EP6.0 SP13 Portal and I wanted to use a news form. I thought of using the example SAP_DEMONEWS as a template to make my own news form.

But apperently all text is invisible when you use the form. ( example by making a new news item ) By this I mean all text... In the editor you see the text "SAVE" on the save button, in preview this buttontext is not shown. So you see an empty button. The same can be said for all labels.

My I emphasize I'm using a sap standard example and on the labels there is no condition to make them invisble ex when a other field is empty. I tried making my own label with a certain font and color but the text is not shown.

Any ideas anyone?

Best Regards Frederik

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Answers (2)

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Thanks for the help. I finally found the sollution by coincidence. As we are using a anonymous user the URL generator settings needed to be reconfigured. cfr note 837898

Because of the wrong settings (wrong url) the captions where lost.

Thanks anyway,


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Patch your portal.

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We are already on the following patch.

J2EE Engine 6.40 PatchLevel 95420.313


KnowledgeManagementCollaboration (NW04 SPS13 Patch 3)

No mention is made to this problem in the next patch level 3.1

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Hi Frederik,

do you have some ACLs set to "/etc/xmlforms". Its important (for SPS13) to set "Everybody=Read" for the project folders.

The reason is, while XSL transformation is done, some XML files are included containing the "LabelData". This include will fail, if there is not Read-Access set.

Additionally you can look into the log file and searching for "etc/xmlforms".

Kind Regards