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Label Printing From SAP to Zebra using Smartforms Outputs wrong Format.

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Hello. We are creating Labels by use of smartforms in SAP. These Labels are being printed on Zebra Printers. The Zebra printer is printing our labels in a very small font. We have given several different fonts in the smartforms but the output is always the same small font. We are using the zebra device type ZLEB_ZEB2. Please help. Any help will be greatly appreciated. The zebra printer is Zebra Z4M and the driver is Zebra Z4M 203 dpi.



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Hello Raj,

firstly you should be using ZLZEB2 which is the SmartForms device type.

Secondly you need to make sure that it is the correct one.

Or contact Andy Rogerson from Zebra Technologies, who is the Integration Architect for SAP Solutions. His work email is if you need further help. I have notified for myself his contact data from other similiar problem.

Bye, Peter