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KW 70. Hardware Prerequisites and components ?

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We plan to adapt our existing KW 6.0 to the NW04 KW.

Does anybody know what could be the Hardware prerequisites ?

Currently we are working on two servers, one for the content and one for the SAP instance.

I saw on SAPNet that we need a IKS server, a PAW server and a HTML server.

But I did not see anything about the Content server. Does it means we use the Portal KM to store the content ? What about the TREX, is it the one of the Portal ?

Thank your for your help.


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Hi Mark,

We are working on KW 70 now. Your questions cover a wide variety of topics, so let me offer you this: You should be able to maintain your current config - but you'll still have to size it for current performance vs future requirements. The NW04 product (regardless of application - BI, XI, KW, etc) consists of a 'base install' of a WAS 640 ABAP system and a J2EE Add-on component. From here, you need to choose a scenario - Documentation/Training, QAS, or Certification. The choice you make will determine the KW components you need. The IKS piece is added into the J2EE instance (think SAINT add-on install). PAW and other components fit similarly. You can also build out the system to attach to a portal and to attach to a TREX system (TREX should be by itself with a one to many relationship) The content server still needs to be installed on it's own - but I guess hardware could be shared if possible.

Hope this helps.