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KM Navigation iView issue

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Hi all,

I have a list of folder structure as listed below:

Folder A

- Subfolder A1

- Subfolder A2

Folder B

- Subfolder B1

- Subfolder B2

Folder C

- Subfolder C1

- Subfolder C2

I have set up the permissions such that Folder A is for User Group A, Folder B for User Group B and so on.

I used a KM Navigation iView to point to the parent folder for Folder A,B and C.

Now when a user from User Group A opens this KM Navigation iView, he will see Folder A and not the subfolders.

Is there a way to view the subfolders directly instead of the parent folder A(i.e. Sub folder A1 and A2)?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Alvin,

Instead giving permission to the whole folder.... if u can give permission to thesub folders alone........ then they will view the sub folders.



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This brings about another problem. Reason being the subfolders in Folder A, B and C are actually of the same name. Hence, a user that may have access permission to all subfolders may not be able to differentiate them from the various groups. Sorry for not mentioning it earlier.

I have thought of creating multiple KM Navigation iView to point at each Folder A, B and C. But the disadvantage of this is the maintenance of multiple iViews if many groups exist.

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Hi Alvin,

I assume that you have 3 folders named Folder A, Folder B, Folder C and all folders have subfolders named Subfolder1 and Subfolder2.

Create an Index for your root folder of Foldes A,B,C.

Create a Taxonomy based on query.

In taxonomy create 2 folder named Subfolder1 and Subfolder2.

For Subfolder1 create a query which gets all Subfolder1 contents.

For Subfolder2 create a query which gets all Subfolder2 contents.

Create your IView pointing to your taxonomy folder. Then user will see Subfolder1 and Subfolder2 in IView. When he clicks on Subfolder1 system will collect data from all three Subfolder1's according to user's permissions.

Is it cover your requirement ?