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KM Navigation iView customization

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Is there a way to manipulate ACL permissions for KM Navigation iView in NW Portal 7.4?

Adding some custom parameters/fields(Yes and No) to KM navigation iView and if selected yes, the iView should access content based on ACL permissions and if selected no, the it should overwrite acl-permissions and still access KM content irrespective of ACL permissions.

Thank you.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Rama,

It is possible how ever you have to update the ACL permission for each and every news items thats been created in the folder.

1. All the news items should be updated with the role Y for permission so that who ever has role Y will be able to see all the news items.

2. Update the ACL permission for news items those needs to be displayed only for X - users with Role X. So the news items which has to be visible only to Role-X will have 2 roles updated in the permission which is Role X and Role Y.


Mahendran B.

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Please throw some ideas related to above customization. Basically, the requirement is:

1. KM Navigation iView should display news items based on the ACL permissions under role X.

2. KM Navigation iView should display all news items irrespective of ACL permissions under role Y.

The above scenario is applicable for same user.

Thank you.

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Hi Raju,

If both the KM Nav iviews are pointing to the same news folder then the only way this can be achieved it to create another copy of the news folder. Then set the permissions on the duplicate folder to Everyone -Read.

The KM Nav iview under tole Y can point to the duplicate news folder while the one under role X can point to the original news folder.

PS: About the requirement itself, if the same user is to be assigned both roles then I don't understand why the permissions should be different for the same folder.

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Hi Parihar,

Thanks for your suggestion.

In our case, we display all news items on home page irrespective of user's department. Also, we have one more location where the news items are shown based on their department.

So, if we implement your solution then we need to run a scheduler / taxonomies to update the duplicate folder at certain intervals. In that case, the two folders will not be insync and there will be a delay.

Any more suggestions.