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KM Explorer internal links

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I have a few questions regarding internal links, hopefully one of you can answer!

I have a custom news iView, and on the RenderListItem form there is a "read more" link, which links to some internal content in the KM. This is usually a folder.

1. When I click on it, it takes me to a "No Displayable Content" window. I have to click to view it in the Navigation User Interface. Is there any way of linking straight there?

2. When I enter the Navigation user interface, how do I make changes to the layout of the explorer? I want to make the breadcrumbs longer (to the root folder) and get rid of "ratings" etc. Do I need to edit this by layoutset or by presentation settings?

I'm using EP6SP14. Thanks guys! Generous with points...

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I understood the first question, but when you use news form by example, read more is a link to a document, it must be in KM Content.


Layout is a service that must be active in your repository. If you enabled it, you can choose other layout set.

There are two ways to change layout set, one of them is in the folder, using context menu (details-setting-...)

Don't forget layout service permission on this folder.

The other one, is when you create a new km navigation iview you can specify which layout you want to use.

Now, you need to modify a layout set, in system administration-system configuration-km-cm-user interfase-setting-layout set, you can see all the layout given by SAP. You could choose it and press preview button to see like the information is presented.

If you find a layout that if you like, you can duplicated and then modify it. Not change standard layout set.

Layout set has collection and resource renderer, to modify breadcrumbs, and some columns you have to modify collection renderer.


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Hi Patricio, thanks for your reply.

1. Yes the news iView links to a KM document, but my iView is linking to a KM folder. Instead of loading straight to the folder, it presents me with the error window I decribed earlier.

2. I know how layoutsets work. But I am wondering how I change which layoutset is used when I link to a folder, i.e. the window that pops up with the explorer. It looks like the default is a "Consumer Explorer", how can I change this?

Thanks again, any more ideas?


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Well, it's not exactly an "error" window.

In KM, folders may have content (like a "plain" document), and when you access the URL of a folder, you either see that content, or a notification telling you that there is none.

Best regards, Julian

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