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Key figure is displayed as 2.007 not 2007, any solution?

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Dear Sirs,

I have a key figure called Year, of type Int 4. This is being filled from a day using the DATE_YEAR function in the update rule.

When it is displayed in Bex Web it is shown as 2. 007 (with a dot and a space). As far as I can see it also saved in this format in the actual data.

How can I display this as 2007 and not 2. 007 ?

I have tried different things, using the nodim() and the trunc() in the update rule. I have also tried to change the scaling factor in Bex Query designer on the key figure.

I am aware that changing the display format in SU3 could solve it, but I would like to solve it independant of the different users, and make it only valid for this key figure.

Can anyone help me?

best regards,

Jørgen Ruud

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Did u try creating a a formula and multiplying the K.F with 1000???

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this will not help as the dot in the number represent the thousand notation, so by multiplying it with 1000, it will become 2. 007. 000.

So I guess my question can be summed up as: how do i remove the thousand notation for a given key figure?



Edited by: Jørgen Ruud on Jan 8, 2008 9:38 AM

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If your question is how to change thousand notation,

you have to modify the the infoobject property of that key figure..

go to RSD1 , enter your keyfigure..go to Additional property.

and change Display setting...

I hope it helps.

Best regards,


Assign point if it helps.

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this does not help, I have already trying to do this in the query. By changing the display (scaling factor) to eg. 1000 I can manage to display 2 (*1000) if the value is 2000.

However no matter what the scaling factor is, I can't show 2. 007 as 2007


Edited by: Jørgen Ruud on Jan 9, 2008 7:22 AM