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Key figure in a series

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Our customer pointed out that on a certain metric, the key figure needs to a additive series, rather than an individual value. So except for the 1st fiscal quarter every other qtr is sum of itself and the previous qtr - within a single year.

The problem is also that in the query we pass a starting time period as a variable and from that point on, upto ten qtrs can be displayed if there is data. So we cannot fix the query to a single year with four fix columns.

Please advise.


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Try the following:

1. Take variable curr fiscal year in the filter of the query.

2. Create another variable on quarter and restrict it with 1 and create a rest key figure on this and keep it in column1.

3. Create variables for 2,3 and 4th quarters and offet them with +1, +2 , +3.

4. Create cal key figuures on these quarters and keep them in columns 2, 3, and 4.

Save the query.

Ravi Thothadri