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key fields ODS

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Hi Gurus,

i have read in many posts regarding key fields in ODS

i am in assumption that in ODS key fields are nothing but characterstics and data fields are key figures am i right

r else does this have other meaning r importance (ofcourse they are important).

thanks and regards


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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dear Harish,

yes ods key fields are characteristics (keyfigures cannot be included as keyfields),

but data fields are not only keyfigures, characteristics also can be included in datafields.

(i think you may influenced by infocube concept where dimensions are characteristics and fact table contains keyfigures - and dim id).

the importance of key fields in ods is that they are used for ods data update/change purpose, the delta capability.

e.g you have ods with fields doc number, doc item, order date, customer, product, order quantiry, amount (with currency and unit), and the keyfields is doc number and doc item, where others are datafields then

say 01.02.2006 data coming to ods

doc number -doc item- order date- customer -product -order quantity - amount

0001- 1- 01.02.2006- a - x - 100 - 200

0001- 2- 01.02.2006- b - x - 200 - 500

0002- 1- 01.02.2006- c - y - 50 - 150

data go to ods as the same, the next day somebody change the quantity for doc 0001 item 1, and date for doc 0002 item 1 and the other new doc come :

doc number -doc item- order date- customer -product -order quantity - amount

0001- 1- 01.02.2006- a - x - 100 - 200

0002- 1- 02.02.2006- c - y - 50 - 150

0003- 1- 02.02.2006- p - z - 100 - 100

so the data in ods became (with doc num and item as keyfield),

<b>doc number -doc item</b>- order date- customer -product -order quantity - amount

<b>0001- 2</b>- 01.02.2006- b - x - 200 - 500

<b>0001- 1</b>- 01.02.2006- a - x - 100 - 200

<b>0002- 1</b>- 02.02.2006- c - y - 50 - 150

<b>0003- 1</b>- 02.02.2006- p - z - 100 - 100

to handle record the changes, ods change log is used,

see following sap help

restrictions for ods can be found in sap help


There has to be at least one key field and one data field. Additional restrictions:

- You can create a maximum of 16 key fields

- You can create a maximum of 749 fields

- You can use 1962 bytes (minus 44 bytes for the change log)

- You cannot include key figures as key fields</i>

hope this helps.

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Answers (4)

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Hey Harish,

Let me give you simple Scnario of ODS overwriting capability:

You have to load data into ODS from 2 data source.

your ODS is having 4 field(key & data):





Now the fields of DataSource1 are FIELD1, FIELD4 and FIELD2 only, and DataSource2 are FIELD2 and FIELD3.

Since FIELD2 is common among both, so you can make it as a Key-field of ODS, and other fields as Data Fields. So it all depends on requirement.

And similalry of DS1 is having FIELD1, FIELD2 ,...and similary if DS2 is also having FIELD1 and FIELD2, the if can make both of them as Key Fields, and may be only one or may be none from both. Just you have to check which is unique one.


Do Assign Points, if you feel answer to your questions are valuable.

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In data fields you can have also characteristics.

It's obvious and important that the key of your record (max 16 char) must identify all characteristic in unique way!! and so characteristics in data fields could be overwritten because are always same values.

It's important to use ODS, for:

- reading data by code from ODS (princ. Active Data TABLE /BIC/A*****00 (where ***** is equal to tech name of ODS), 'its a flat table)

- make elaboration of data before using cubes, more useful for reports



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there is no particular criteria in choosing the keyfeilds of an ODS. key feilds are characterstics & selected on their prominence say the most prominent characterstic of a dimension might b a key field. & v can choose a max of 16 key fields assume 1 for a dimension. b sure 2 give me a feed back

Hope u might have got an idea



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