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Key Field missing in transformation

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I am trying to use BI7.0 transformation (1-1 mapping basically) to send data from one DSO to another DSO

Source : DSO1

Key fields : Account ,Itemid, Position number

Target: DSO2

Key fields : Account ,Itemid, Position number

However when i create transformation i don't see "Itemid" in the source side in the transformation mapping. Rest of the two key fields are present.

Please help.


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Hey Guys

i have found the reason for it ..the missing key field was flagged as attribute only thats why it was not present as a key field while creating transformation ...

i f any one faces the same problem . he can refer this process.

thanks !


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Hi, Anurag.

I just posted a question to the forum, because we are implementing the same architecture, and we are wondering how deltas will work with this

architecture. Are you using deltas?

The text of my recent post is below.

We are loading from R/3 into DSO1, and then from DSO1 into DSO2. The R/3 extractor that loads DSO1 is

delta-enabled. We are not sure, however, if a delta mechanism governs the load from DSO1 into DSO2. The

DTP says its extraction mode is delta, but does that mean, if a row in DSO1 changes, it will negate the key figures

on the original row and send a new row the way R/3 does?

For example, suppose the R/3 extractor sends us Row 1.

Row 1 has a key figure with a value of $100.

Row 1 gets changed in R/3, and the new value is $125.

The R/3 delta mechanism takes care of this by negating the key figure on the appropriate row and sending us a correcting

row. For example,

the R/3 extractor will send us:

Row 1 $100

Row 1 -100

Row 1 $125

So... the net value is correct, i.e. 100 - 100 + 125 = 125.

When we load from DSO1 into DSO2, however, do you know what rows will load into DSO2? Is BW "smart" enough to do this

type of negation?