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Key Developer Skills

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When staffing for an XI implementation, what are the key skills I should be looking for when filling development positions?

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It depends on what the tasks of a developer will be.

if he only has to make the mappings and all the specs will be delivered (which input field should be mapped to which output field) then it is sufficient to know with simple mappings how the graphical mapping tools of XI work.

If mappings are getting more difficult you wil soon start develop the mappings with XSL. XSL can be developed with a texteditor or with XSL mapping tools which can be purchased. (like Stylus Studio of Sonic software)

At least a developer should know Java. Sometimes a complex mapping can be easily done by making a small Java program of 10 lines which can be included in the graphical and XSL mapping or can even be a complete mapping program.

I think most integration will be done with IDOCS, so a developer should be familiar with Idocs.

If a developer has to figure out which input fields should be mapped to which IDOC fields he should have a good knowledge of Idocs and the tools you can use in SAP to test IDOCS.

So it all depends.

In my opinion a perfect candidate is some with knowledgde of:

Java, Idocs, XSL, XML, XI graphic mapping tool.