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kernel upgrade

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I would like to know the detail of upgrading a kernel. Im using AIX. Understand that the kernel patch is to be replace under /usr/sap/SYS/exe after uncar

Question :

1) Do we replace the whole folder of exe or the subfolder run ? (I understand

window is run, how about AIX ? )

2) We have to download the kernel for DB independent and dependent right ? If so, how do these 2 kernel updated in the system ? which particular folder ?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Lauran,

Best practice to go ahead is:

Step 1: Create a new folder /sapmnt/<SID>/newkernel

Step 2: Copy all contents of /sapmnt/<SID>/exe to /sapmnt/<SID>/newkernel

Step 3: Download the database independent & database dependent files.

Step 4: Uncar these files in /sapmnt/<SID>/newkernel (This will overwrite old kernel files from newkernel, thus upgrading the kernel)

Step 5: Shutdown SAP & Database (Make sure all process are stopped e.g. saposcol, Database listener, etc)

Step 6: Rename /sapmnt/<SID>/exe to /sapmnt/<SID>/oldkernel

Step 7: Rename /sapmnt/<SID>/newkernel to /sapmnt/<SID>/exe

Step 8: Execute so that kernel files have right authorisation

Step 9: Start Database & SAP system (Make sure you upgrade the kernel files on Application server as well)

Incase, you require to revert back to old kernel, just Bring down SAP & database copy back the exe folder to newkernel & oldkernel folder to exe)


Ammey Kesarkar

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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi All,

Thanks for the information. Very helpful

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Hi Lauran

Check the link below.Its really good doc for SAP kernal upgrade.

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