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Kernel 640 patching from 223 to 327 on AS/400

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Hi All,

I am very new to AS/400 and this the first time that I am working with the OS AS/400.

I need to perform Kernel patch upgrade for BW 3.5 version. Currently the 640 kernel is on 223 patch and I want to update it to 327 patch.

I have downloaded the kernel R3OPT_327-20000357.SAR - SAP Kernel 6.40 for OS/400 for OS/400 V5R2M0 but I am not able to load the new kernel in the system.

I have gone through many sap notes for kernel upgrade on iseries but still not very clear idea. Could any one in detail explain me the Kernel upgrade steps for 640 version.

Thanks in advance....

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Also, you can go to Volker's Gueldenpfennig website:

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Hello Kotakonda,

please read SAP note 904977 to see how to apply a R3OPT stack kernel. This note is tailored to describe the particular steps of handling an R3OPT archive.

Best regards,

B. Wolf, SAP AG

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Hello Wolf,

Thanks for the reply but I have already gone through the SAP Note 904977 and followed the steps but I am not able to load the kernel using the below command :

LODR3KRN SAVLIB(R3640<x>OPT) DEV(*STMF) STMFDIR('/tmp') KRNLIB(<new_krn_name>)

As it is giving error R3OPT.SAR file not found in the said directory path. The Kernel I have downloaded has the name R3OPT_327-20000357.SAR but while loading it it is searching for just R3OPT.SAR file. I even tried to rename the Kernel to R3OPT.SAR and execute but still same error.

Thanks ....

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Put file .SAR in /tmp and execute LODSAPKRN, If not apply lastest LODSAPKRN patch and try again.


William Neira

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I guess you have already resolved this issue, if not try to decompress the file first:

Access Qshell: execute QSH

sapcar -xvf R3OPT_327-20000357.SAR

And later, execute something like this: