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Kerberos SSO Instance start error

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Dear all,

after implementing kerberos sso the instance does not start.

The error which appears is:

ERROR => DlLoadLib()==DLENOACCESS - LoadLibrary("...\gx64krb5.dll")

ERROR 126 = Module not found

The system is a 64 Bit Server with MaxDB

What can it be?

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Answers (2)

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Hi Reiner,

DlLoadLib: LoadLibrary

It means: File not found.

MS Windows  will modifies the path to the library in  library loader,even if we specify that  file should be in system32.In addition to the System32 folder, there is  SysWOW64 folder.
Contrary to what the names may suggest, 64-bit operating systemcomponents and shared libraries go into the System32 folder, while 32-bit operating system components and shared libraries go into the SysWOW64 folder.

So, please copy the library file to your folder, where the 32 Bit Libraries are located in your system (normally it is SysWOW64).Alternatively you could copy the library to your exe/run directory of
your application server. Windows won't modify any library paths if trying to load the library from there.



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The problem is that the dll cannot be found to load it. I suposse the first thing you have to do is check if parameter snc/gssapi_lib has the correct path to gx64krb5.dll:

snc/gssapi_lib = <drive>:\<actual path>\gx64krb5.dll

I hope this helps you.