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Kerberos KPN format different linux and windows

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I am doing SAP integration.

We will access application from both Windows (IE) and Linux (firefox)

I have currently a big issue due to Kerberos Principal Name format.

I have a test user in Active Directory with UPN=

If i access SAP application from IE from Windows device, i am not able to access application.

In logs i see that currently my KPN=

If i access SAP application from Firefox from linux device, authentication works and associated KPN =


SAP configuration is set to Principal only = logonID


If i updated AD user UPN to : "toto" instead of ""

i am able to access application from windows (IE) device but it doesn't work anymore from Firefox (linux)

Do you have some ideas how to manage that in order to be able to access application from both device using kerberos authentification.

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