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Kept Instances Best Practice

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I have been searching for any best practices for number of instances to keep of a scheduled report but haven't found any.

So my question, being new to the administration scheduling reports, is there a best practice/general rule for keeping a number of instances or is it typically left to the business to decide how many they wish to hold on to.


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Yes. Instance management is purely based on the business need. You can manage instances based on Number of Instances / User group / Number of Days


Consider these scenarios

- There is no meaning to set 30 days limit for folder that holds reports running quarterly. You will end up with no history.

- Setting limit for just 10 in numbers for folder which contains reports ran thrice (Morning, Noon & Evening) will holds data for just 3 days. You need to have a much bigger number.

Think on these lines and set the limits for Folders accordingly. It is not necessary to set same limit across multiple folders.



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Thank you Manikandan.