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Kapsel+Crosswalk: How to build an Android Fiori Client (AFC) app?

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Hi experts,

I know there is a SAP post for doing such a project, but the steps are merged into a lot of other info. And it seems very critical which versions of the related tools are used - it is often a pity that the procedures are not working at the first time when people following the steps decribed though.

Here I want to outline my steps to build a customised Fiori Client app for Android and hope someone can point out what was wrong that cause the project cannot run on an Android device:

Needed tools to be installed:



Cordova   (some ver has bugs, v4.0 is not good)


KapselSDK (SP version related to android api level)


Eclipse IDE (Kepler) + ADT and SAP tool plugins (or ADT bundle package)

Set proper system path variables on PC

Steps to build the AFC:

At \fiori_client\ of KapselSDK folder, do:

1. Modify config.js (fill info such as proj name(eg, myAFC), etc and/or crosswalk path)

2. nmp install

3. node creat_fiori_client.js

4. cd myAFC      

5. cd myAFC

?6. cd cordova        

?7. run.bat             <- my question here

?8. cordova -d prepare       <- Needed if no crosswalk is used

My question: using crosswalk, is it right to do steps 6 and 7? If not, how? Should we also do step 8?




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Answers (3)

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Hi Jitendra and Midhun,

Many thanks for your help replies. Could you clarify more:

1. I am using SP07_SP00, do I still need to change SAPKapselHandleRequests?

2. After run.bat, what are the steps to load the project into the Kepler IDE?

    Currently, I see 3 projects and load them all in IDE, and set the dependencies of the two prjects.

3. What are the steps to build the project for Android?

    I modify the index.html to include the plugins .js files. Is this all?




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Hi Dong,

When you are creating a crossWalk project you could find that the project directory structure is different from Cordova project directory structure. Hence you can't use Cordova commands in your Crosswalk project. Ex. Cordova prepare.

There is a new set of command available for Crosswalk and for managing cordova plugins you could use Plugman - You could find more information here - Crodova Command Line Compatibility


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Product and Topic Expert
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After step 5, you have to modify C:\SAP\MobileSDK3\KapselSDK\apps\fiori_client\FioriClient\assets\www\appConfig.js

If you are using SP06 PL02 on Android set the SAPKapselHandleHttpRequests preference to true to enable the AuthProxy plugin to intercept all requests.


then cd cordova


cordova -prepare is not needed if you are using crosswalk.