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Hi all !

Where I can ask a question about Knowledge Warehouse?

thanks and regards

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ask me, i know.....

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May I know what question you would you want to ask and to whom on Knowledge Warehouse, about template IWB _ STRUCT ?

Is it related to uploading a flat file into cubes in BI 7.0 ?

Then please follow the links below which speaks of the templete "IWB_STRUCT" also :-

If data is loaded in the cube it will a transaction data inBW 7.0

Uploading of Transaction data

Log on to your SAP


1. Creation of Info Objects

• In left panel select info object

• Create info area

• Create info object catalog ( characteristics & Key figures ) by right clicking the created info area

• Create new characteristics and key figures under respective catalogs according to the project requirement

• Create required info objects and Activate.

2. Creation of Data Source

• In the left panel select data sources

• Create application component(AC)

• Right click AC and create datasource

• Specify data source name, source system, and data type ( Transaction data )

• In general tab give short, medium, and long description.

• In extraction tab specify file path, header rows to be ignored, data format(csv) and data separator( , )

• In proposal tab load example data and verify it.

• In field tab you can you can give the technical name of info objects in the template and you not have to map during the transformation the server will automatically map accordingly. If you are not mapping in this field tab you have to manually map during the transformation in Info providers.

• Activate data source and read preview data under preview tab.

• Create info package by right clicking data source and in schedule tab click star to load data to PSA.( make sure to close the flat file during loading )

3. Creation of data targets

• In left panel select info provider

• Select created info area and right click to create ODS( Data store object ) or Cube.

• Specify name fro the ODS or cube and click create

• From the template window select the required characteristics and key figures and drag and drop it into the DATA FIELD and KEY FIELDS

• Click Activate.

• Right click on ODS or Cube and select create transformation.

• In source of transformation , select object type( data source) and specify its name and source system Note: Source system will be a temporary folder or package into which data is getting stored

• Activate created transformation

• Create Data transfer process (DTP) by right clicking the master data attributes

• In extraction tab specify extraction mode ( full)

• In update tab specify error handling ( request green)

• Activate DTP and in execute tab click execute button to load data in data targets.

4. Monitor

Right Click data targets and select manage and in contents tab select contents to view the loaded data. There are two tables in ODS new table and active table to load data from new table to active table you have to activate after selecting the loaded data . Alternatively monitor icon can be used

BI Data Modeling

Check out some of the links


How to Papers [original link is broken]

Check links..

Check these presentaions:

You will find lot of threads and blogs available in SDN related to BI 7.0 Documentations

Thank you.

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knowledge Warehouse or Knowledge Management??



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Knowledge Warehouse , about template IWB_STRUCT

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I am not sure about where you can raise your question on IWB_STRUCT but the following link has some info on that.



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Thanks ) I know that such IWB_STRUCT , i'm want to creat structure for help using IWB_STUCT ,but i'm view error:

No template of class COMPONENT was found in info object class IWB_EXTHLP

Whom can I ask about this error?

Thanks for replay