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Junk Characters

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In my cube I have some junk characters how to remove that?

Suggest me regarding this.




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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u mean to say u have junk characters for some infoobject data am i right . if u have so u cannot delete from the cube . try to delete from the update rules i mean write code for that infoobject in the update rules .

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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I did not get your question clearly. So if I understand your question in following 2 ways.

1. you have unwanted character as an InfoObject in your cube.

you can remove this InfoObject going to the cube maintenance provided there is no data in the cube. you cant remove the InfoObject if it contains data. You can add any number of InfoObject in the cube though.

2. you are getting junk values .

One option given by SAP is using TCODE RSKC. In this transaction code you can define which junk character you are getting in your data.

Second option is to correct the junk character in the routine level.

Third If the request is available in PSA, change the junk value manually and load in the cube

Hope one of these things help you

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You have to delete the data from Cube to do it.

Or, you can keep them, but don't populate them.

If you have to delete them, you should copy the data to another location - Flat File, DB Table -using infospoke OR create copy cube.

Then, delete data, delete unnecessary infoobjects and reload data from back-up.

Ram Chamarthy

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I would presume, you are getting junk values in the query as you posted in BEx Forum.

There are several ways you can avoid this data in the Query.

1) Creating Exceptions.

2) Restricted Infoobjects - you can do this by creating structures.

3) Create a macro.

Hope this helps!