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Jump Target into VF03 is not bringing the doc number

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I have created a jump target (RSBBS) from a query with billing document to tcode VF03 in ERP. The jump target works (RFC connection into ERP), however the billing document isn't coming over into the ERP tcode. I have other queries with similar jumps (AS03 - Asset Explorer), and they execute the tcode with the appropriate data being passed. My assignment details are set up the same for both queries.....

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Scott,

Have u created a variable for the Billing Doc number,if not create variable and then try !!!



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I created the variable for Billing Doc, and I still doesn't pass the document number into VF03. Any other suggestions?

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In the case of transactions like VF03 and VA03 you will need to put a infosource in the setup parameters to reference off of. In the case of VF03 you can use the header infosource for billing documents which is 2LIS_13_VDHDR.

I have tested this and it does work.

Thank you!


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Thanks Caroline! This works! Points for you