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Jump from one sheet to another sheet of same workbook in Analysis for Excel

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Hi All,

I have a requirement to jump from one tab to another of same workbook in SAP Analysis for Excel.

Tab1 has a crosstab on one query and Tab2 has a crosstab on another query.Initial layout of both the sheets will have all data,On Tab1 I need to have a GOTO which will go to Tab2 , refresh the data and show only the details of the selected value in Tab1.

I searched for articles on this but couldn't get one. I found one which says that this is not possible.

Can someone please provide your thoughts on this?


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Hello Poojitha,

Not sure if you managed to solve this question but I would say with some VBA combined with AO API it would be possible to achieve more less what you want. Just to put you in the right direction with AO API:

SAPGetCellInfo - With this API method, you can define a command to get information on a crosstab cell. You can define the commands for a selection and for a dimension.

SAPSetVariable - With this API method, you can define values for input-ready BW variables (prompts). If you want to set multiple variables, you can use the PauseVariableSubmit command with the SAPExecuteCommand method.

So with the previous functions, you retrieve the value you want from the selected cell and then before moving to the other sheet (with VBA - Sheet("YOURNAME").Select) you set the variable value to what you need and it should do the work.

Assuming you're in Ao 2.4 at least.

Let me know if you need further explanations on this.

Best Regards,

And I hope this has helped.

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Have you tried the responses from Beekay on that thread? Those seem like viable alternatives

Check :

Drill-Down from workbook to Workbook

Workbook as Jump receiver

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I tried using VBA code but it worked partially. Hence I spilt my workbook which was having two tabs to seprate workbooks one tab each and I am trying a GOTO.

I go to RSBBS , enter the Sender query name , target system as Local and the Report type as Analysis Office ,Could you please tell what has to be entered for Receiver Object?

I have to jump from Query A to Query B.(Query B should open up in Analysis for Excel)

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Working as expectde now.Thanks