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JSPM Not starting....

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i just installed a JAVA AS & its working fine... i wanted to update the SP levell & ran the JSPM.... but it wont start... this is the log... can anyone pls help me out.......

Trouble Ticket Report

Java Support Package Manager for SAP NetWeaver'04s

SID................: EPD

Hostname...........: attnwsrv

Install directory..: F:/usr/sap/EPD

Database...........: Microsoft SQL Server

Operating System...: $(/J2EE/StandardSystem/CentralInstance/J2EEEngineInstanceHost/OpSysType)

JDK version........: 1.4.2_12 Sun Microsystems Inc.

JSPM version.......:

System release.....: 700

ABAP stack present.: false

The execution ended in error.

Cannot initialize application data.

Could not detect deployed components.

Could not detect version information of the current system kernel.

Could not detect system kernel under the F:\usr\sap\EPD\SYS directory.

Could not detect central instance kernel in directory F:\usr\sap\EPD\JC40\exe.

Could not detect current system kernel in the F:\usr\sap\EPD\JC40\exe directory.

disp+work executable file cannot be run.

Could not start process F:/usr/sap/EPD/JC40/exe/disp+work.

Error while executing process F:/usr/sap/EPD/JC40/exe/disp+work. CreateProcess: F:/usr/sap/EPD/JC40/exe/disp+work -V error=2

More information can be found in the log file F:\usr\sap\EPD\JC40\j2ee\JSPM\log\log_2007_10_18_16_35_15\JSPM_MAIN_1_01.LOG.

Use the information provided to trouble-shoot the problem. There might be an OSS note providing a solution to this problem. Search for OSS notes with the following search terms:

Cannot initialize application data.



NetWeaver Upgrade


Java Upgrade

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Hi Christopher,

first of all find out wether your SDM is running - if not start it.

Second - check the memorysize of your host if there's enough memory left for another work process.

Third - if it still doesn't work download the actual JSPM package from SAP marketplace and deploy it via SDM.

Good luck!