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JSPDynpage & Htmlb Tree

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I've an htmlb tree created on my JSP.Iam trying to create the nodes as htmlb links such that when i click a node the value(Node Text) can be fired with EPCF.

<b>1.Is it possible to fire an event from the Nodes??

2.Can we actually color the nodes?

3.How do i pass model values filled from an RFC to the Tree??</b>

Hoping to see atleast a hit to this thread!!

Thank you !

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Robert,

Check out my following weblog.



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That really helps me a lot but Even before i start coding my own application..I wanted to know, if we can do the same on the JSP and fire an event with EPCF after setting jsObjectNeeded="true" value in any one of the tree node..

Any workarounds if No??

Thank you for your quick note on my query.


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Hi Robert,

I didn't want to answer your question till you have looked at my weblogs but now that you have looked at my weblog i can answer your question.

1. Yes you can recreate the whole thing in JSP, the recursion has to be done in JSP.

2. You should be able to fire EPCF by

1.activating the


on each node click.

2. Adding the following method in your JSPDynPage

 public void onNodeClickEvent(Event vent) throws PageException {
    IPortalComponentResponse response = (IPortalComponentResponse)this.getResponse();

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Awesome, That helps..wil post more after iam done with it.

Thank you prakash!!

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Prakash, What is wrong with the following code:


String name="Robert";
response.write("<script language='JavaScript'>");
response.write("alert('Event fired with value:"+name+"')");
response.write("EPCM.storeClientData('', 'newName',"+name+");");
response.write("EPCM.raiseEvent('', 'newName',"+name+");");


I can see the alert if i comment the EPCF lines.

If i turn them On then,Iam getting a Javascript error, with a pop window:

Do you wish to Debug?

Runtime error: Line 50


Could you please suggest a way to fire an event from the JSPDynpage?


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try the following lines of code.

response.write("<script language='JavaScript'>");
response.write("alert('Event fired with value:"+name+"');");

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I tried that before.I Swear.It didn't work.

It works now...what did you do?

<b>Amazing stuff!you are the lifesaver.</b>

Keep it up.

Thanks again!

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