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JSP : Change

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Hi all

IIs this Stmt is Valid !!!

<isa:iterate id="myUserRolesItr" name="<%=PrepareAddNewUserAction.USER_ROLES%>"

type="" resetCursor="true" ignoreNull="true" >

<option value="<%=JspUtil.encodeHtml(myUserRolesItr.getString(PrepareAddNewUserAction.USER_ROLES))%>" >

<%=JspUtil.encodeHtml(myUserRolesItr.getString(PrepareAddNewUserAction.USER_ROLES))%></option> --%>


What is a <b>ResultData</b> ?

Please guide me !!!



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Have no experience with ISA tags, but the 2 hyphens are probably wrong (--%>).

From the ISA 4.0 API:

public class ResultData

extends java.lang.Object

implements java.sql.ResultSet, ExtendedResultSet

Implementation of an in memory ResultSet.

Using this class you can use standard JDBC methods to read data from an underlying table. In contradiction to normal databases, the whole data representation is kept in memory and created in memory, too.

This class allows you to return data as tables, which may be convenient in many cases and is transparent from the underlying storage. If you decide to use a real database there is no need to change the client code.

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