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JSON with special characters

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HI together,

I am on SAP PO 7.5 and using sender REST adapter for JSON. From an external system we are getting a JSON which is delivered as "String" but contains special characters like the germans 'Ä', .. but several others. We are receiving in SAP PO UTF-8.

I do not want to do a mapping table for each value to be mapped..

Character see Name: Test 6 Ä

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ns0:MT_Response xmlns:ns0="">
<message><![CDATA[{"@odata.context":"$","OutputData":"{\"RequestNum\":null,\"xxx\":[{\"AccountId\":\"f8d9ba03-9aaa-e811-a971-000d3a296db9\",\"AccountNumber\":null,\"AccountType\":\"Z005\",\"Address1City\":\"Test 6\",\"Address1Line1\":\"Test 6\",\"Address1PostOfficeBox\":null,\"Address1PostalCode\":\"Test 6\",\"Address1StateorProvince\":\"Test 6\",\"BusinessLine\":null,\"CountryPostalAddress\":\"DE\",\"EmailAddress1\":null,\"Fax\":null,\"Name\":\"Test 6\u00c4\",\"ParentAccountNumber\":null,\"PoBoxPostalCode\":null,\"PreferredLanguage\":\"EN\",\"ProductLines\":null,\"Statecode\":0,\"Telephone1\":null}]}","OutputRequestNum":"0000000000000000"}]]></message>

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Few special characters can be replaced in the adapter itself. Configuration options are provided in the standard adapter.

But, is that will not fulfill your requirement, you need to go for Java mapping/custom module approach.