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JOIN two the same table

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Dear Sir,

I have one fact table which record every year's finance data, example, total revenue and collect date

I want to compare two or three or ... year's data in one table.

If I use SQL, I will join the table column year and set alias name.

select a.total_revenue, b.total_revenue

from fct_fi a, fct_fi b

where a.year = (b.year + 1) and a.item = b.item

But In Business Object Desktop Intelligent, I only can build up two query, but I don't know how to let the two query produce releationship like the SQL descript.

Can any one help?

New in Business object

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Answers (1)

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I see the problem here and cannot think of anyway to do this directly in Desktop Intelligence. However, you can create a derived table in Universe Designer. You can enter your SQL directly in the derived table to obtain the result you need. Then you can add your derived table to your Desktop Intelligence report. To create a derived table in Universe Designer from the Insert menu, choose Derived table. There you will be prompted to enter your SQL. This really is the easiest way if you have access to the Universe to make this addition.