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Job validation from command line

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Dear all,

I'm validating jobs from command line with al_engine, like this:

al_engine -Uuser -Ppassword -Sserver -NOracle -XVJ@jobname -T-1 -ltrace_log_file -zerror_log_file

I have some doubts.

1. The command seems to perform a simple "validate", not a "validate all", is it correct? Are there other parameters to obtain a "validate all"?

2. If the validation from Designer client returns errors or warnings, from command line it doesn't do the same. Is therefore the validation from client the same one I can perform from command line?

About question 2, here is a screen shot from Designer and the log file produced by al_engine: "validate" from Designer returns 3 errors (and 2 warnings too), while the al_engine returns success.

(14.1) 04-04-13 10:07:57 (7860:2084)   XMLSDK: Object name: WF_BuTrkAttAnagCli

(14.1) 04-04-13 10:07:57 (7860:2084)   XMLSDK: Object type: W

(14.1) 04-04-13 10:07:57 (7860:2084)   XMLSDK: Retrieving object from repository.

(14.1) 04-04-13 10:07:57 (7860:2084)   XMLSDK: Validating object.

(14.1) 04-04-13 10:07:57 (7860:2084)   XMLSDK: Validating object completed successfully.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


Message was edited by: Fabrizio Tanci I'm using Data Services 4.1 SP1.

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It looks to me that your Designer validation is at the workflow context and whilst I cannot see the complete Designer error messages it look like it is complaining about script level variables. If these are global variables and your context is not in the context of the containing job, then yes the Designer validation and the al_engine validation (which is in the context of the job) will return different results?

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Hi Maurice,

thanks for your reply.

We are able to validate an entire job, the command is quite similar:

al_engine -Uuser -Ppassword -Sserver -NOracle -XVJ@jobname -ltrace_log_file -zerror_log_file > nul 2>&1

The command above returns the same errors we have from Designer, but we aren't able to have the warnings yet.

The available parameters of al_engine command don't refer to warning, only errors with -z, but we have to gather both errors and warnings.



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Hi Fabrizio,

                    May i know which command line you are referring to. I mean is it DOS prompt or Unix command line. I was trying to create a script in MS dos(My installation is in windows 2008 server). So can you please provide more details

Thanks & Regards

Alex Oommen