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Job Terminated in source system

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Hello Experts,

I have tried loading a COPA cube end to end. The load went success till first level ODS. When i scheduled the load from cube to ODS.I got an error message 'Job terminated in the source system'. Please advice if anybody has come across the same load issue.

Thanks in advance,


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are you loading from the ods to cube or from cube to ods? is ur load is delta load or full load?

trying deleting the request from target and trigger again and chk. the issue might be an momentary problem in BW system.


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Hi Ramesh,

I was trying to load from ODS to Cube. The load type is Repair full, the load is failing only for a particular selection.



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Hi Priya,

Generally BW we didn't consider loading from cube to ODS.

BW means loading finally to cube and do reporting on that.

OK in your case may be their is some requirement to do loading from cube to ods.

Do check once again running this. OR

If deltas run for this or not

Or this is First time loading from Cube to ODs.

If first time ReINIT the load and see

Please let me know if the problem still exists.


Anand Tej,

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SInce your load is a Full Repair and also the load is failing for a particular selection, the load with this selection could be huge than the other selections for this reason the load shud be failing.

Check in SM37 for the failed Job Log, mostly error related to PAGE_ALLOC could be there.

To resolve this you need to reduce the data package size.

Go to Infopackage --> Main Menu --> Scheduler --> Data S. Default data transfer --> and reduce the following settings:

Maximum size of a data packet in kByte

Number of data packets per Info-IDoc

and then try exectuing the load. If it fails again this time it would have picked more records than the last time, reduce the settings further and load again.


Neelesh Jain