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Job Request linked to a ChaRMs & ITSM : tab disabled

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Hi Experts,

We have created a job request which is linked to ChaRMs & ITSM or CRM Order, but we cannot find the create button tab on assignment block within Job Scheduling Management.

we have copied Transaction type SMAD to ZMAD for change document (Admin Change).

Initially status is "New" of change document while status change to "In Process" the create document tab should be visible at assignment block..

we have done all configuration as per the standard guide..

waiting for the reply..

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Attaching screen shot for reference...

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Please try this solution, I hope it will resolve your issue...

1 Access to the Job Management guided procedure via TX: solman_setup -> 'Job Management' and navigate to the step 4.1

2 Add the relevant transaction type according to the CRM transaction linked to your job request.

3 for SMAD transaction: -On the Action on status tab select 'Create Job Documentation/Request' as the action allowed when the linked CRM transaction is in a specific status according to your requirements.

4 On the BAdI implementation tab implement a BAdI for your CRM transaction. SAP delivers BAdI

implementations for the standard transaction types Incident (SMIN), Request for Change SMCR), Change Document (SMCD) and Urgent Change (SMHF).

For SMAD transaction and standard BADI implementation BADI_AGS_EJR_CHARM_IF_IMP_SMAD


Gagandeep Singh

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Thanks Gagandeep Singh,

your solution is worked for me...