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JNDI lookup from external Java client

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Hi there !

Assumed I have developed a Stateless Session Bean, deployed it, checked for JNDI ... everything fine.

SLSB accesses MAXDB through DataSource, Tables are defined, DataSource configured through AdminGUI, ...

Trying to access it from a seperate client-process does not work, got a lot of ClassNotFoundExceptions like:

Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

Does anyone know what has to be on the client's classpath (in terms of jars) to get it up and running ??

I already included:

sapj2eeclient.jar (sounds promising but does not make it alone)





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Answers (1)

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A short fix was to disable OpenSQL at DataSource config, but anyway what do i need at client side ??

And sorry as I forgot to thank in advance