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JMS on WAS and XI

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Hi all,

I'm doing some tests regarding JMS.

I wrote a little application, which can send a document to a JMS Queue on the WAS installed under my XI server.

So that seems to work, because I can also read the message back with an other self-developed application.

But the Problem is that I want XI to get this message out of the queue. In order to solve this, I configured a JMS Sender Channel with the right Queue and factory and so on. So I thought it is working, because when I have this channel active I can not read the message back, and the queue is empty. If I inactivate the channel and send a new message, it stays in the queue.

SO the channel is working, but the message is not in any monitoring. I can not find it.

Some has an idea what I did wrong?

I think, XI should do something with the message, but not delete it.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Oliver did you check monitoring in the adapter engine.

Go to message monitoring in RWB (not sxmb_moni) and choose adapterframework.

Check if message not 'hangs' in adapter engine.

We received workaround from sap:

Set parameter in sender adapter for module ConvertBinaryToXMBMessage (convert_Bin2XI) in the sender adapter:

XIBypass 'true'

However you're not allowed to use additional modules then the standard:





Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Emile,

Yes I found it 2 hours ago

but my prob was, that I didn't have specified the Module Configuration of the "Convert_Bin2XI" with interface and so on. I found the keys that I have to set in a sap note... wasn't in the

Thank you

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Hi Olli,

You did absolutely correct

You can view the message in two ways....

1) You can see the message at SXMB_MONI and at Message Display Tool what ever the data u sent.

2) you need to run ur java file before pushing from XI...

Then it will diplsy ur message at console by running the class file.

If u did the above 2 scenarios then my final conclusion is filter in the message display tool.

Make the filter appropriate and check once.

Hope this is sufficient


Sridhar Raju Mahali

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the check of the RWB was the first thing I did. There is no message.

Is there any Logfile? or Trace?



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With visual admin set severity level to debug in the log configurator on locatons tab.



post message again and have a look at the log in the log viewer:



Maybe there you get additional information.

Be aware that logging becomes very big due to debug level.

Switch it of after you performed your test.