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JMS Correlation ID

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I need to send the filename as the Correlation ID to an MQ Queue using the JMS receiver adapter. My attempt was to set an additional parameter like below, but it doesn't seem to be working.


java.lang.String %f

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I did try to force a specific name instead of using the %f, but it doesn't work either. The XI message ID is what gets sent.

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Hi Lisa,

Not sure this is possible with JMS adapter. The correlationid is used to insure quality of service with MQSeries. A duplicate correlationid (e.g. same file name used in more than one message) will cause the message undeliverable.

In addition, the file name, which I assume is from the sender file adapter cannot be represented by %f. This value represent the file being created by the receiver file adapter. The only way to get the file name of the sender file adapter is by developming a simple user-module for the file adapter. The file name will have to be carried in the XML payload.

An option for what you want is to include the file name in the XML payload and allow the MQSeries receiver to retrieve this value from the payload, instead of the correlationid.