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JMS Adapter Installation

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i'am using the step by step guide to install de JMS Adapter (How To Install and Configure External Drivers for JDBC and JMS Adapters.pdf). The following error has been raised on the 3.2 step 7 when i execute the stopserver.bat.

the error raised was the following:

Sending shutdown request on Port 50018

Could not shutdown server: The SDM Server is not running.(1)

Details: Could not establish connection to server 'localhost/50018': Connection

refused: connect

Processing error. Return code: 104

Note that my SDM server (remotegui.bat) is running and connected.

I will be glad if someone can help me out, cause i'am a little out of time. thk u very much, Pablo.

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It once happened to me! I stopped all services, restarted the machine and started again and then proceeded and it worked. Since it worked I didn't try to find out what was the problem. Do the same, I hope it will work. Best of luck!!

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thk u felix, i'd already tried that, but the problem still persist. I'am wondering if the MQ Server configuration would have any relation with that?.